Competitive Sailing was held in Wanganui around the late 1800’s under the name of the Wanganui Sailing Club. One of the oldest trophies held at Sailing Wanganui is the Studholme Cup and records the name of E M Silk as winning, in an 18′ class called “Dotterell”, a little after the turn of the century.

To keep up to date with club happenings, join our Facebook group called Sailing Wanganui and Twitter (search @SailingWanganui and #sailingwanganui).

Our clubrooms are situated at 70 Gilberd Street, Whanganui,

Contact List for Club Officers so you can find us by other means.


Position Name Phone Number Email
Commodore Lisa McDonnell 027 347 8698
Vice-Commodore Josh McDonnell 027 925 3379
Captain Lindsy Stevenson 027 498 6309
Secretary Lisa Miller secretary@sailingwanganui.co.nz
Treasurer Bob Davies 021 803 744 treasurer@sailingwanganui.co.nz


Sailing Wanganui will develop and secure partnerships and implement financial and reporting structures that ensure long term financial security of the organisation. Reserves will be established and utilised to ensure the ongoing supply of plant to meet the Club’s development needs Sailing Wanganui will be recognised as the organisation in the region for the provision of sailing opportunities that allows any individual to reach their potential. Sailing Wanganui, through its staff, volunteers and members, will work with pride, professionalism, enthusiasm and innovation to become the recognised leader of sailing in Wanganui. Staff development will recognise and build skills to ensure that they are leaders in their respective fields of work.

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